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noun  hodge·podge  \ˈhäj-ˌpäj\
: a mixture of different things

Variety is the spice of life, aye?! hopes to bring you a mixture of blogs, so you can experience a new and exciting world!

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Hodge Podge



Cigar: America's Horse

Cigar captivated America's hearts in the 1990's by winning an unprecedented 16 races in a row! Relive all his races at his very own website!

Seabiscuit: An American Legend

Seabiscuit has turned into a household name following the Movie, relive the excitement with a whole website dedicated to this extraordinary animal!

Thoroughbred Greats is a compilation of websites and blogs about famous racehorses and hors races from around the glob! Throw on your helmet and go see whats going on in the world of horse racing!!